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Recent content by dakofsta

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    Crystal Palace second season

    Somehow managed to guide palace to a 5th place finish so I need to upgrade a lot of positions to prepare for Europa league. Transfer budget of around 50 million, positions required are DM, BBM, DLP and LB. Any recommendations?
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    How to make FM 18 run faster?

    There is no longer the option to change rendering mode from software to GPU assisted. How else can I speed up my save?
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    Signings for Crystal Palace?

    I need an inside forward in the AML position and a back up striker who is quite fast and has decent passing. Budget is around 10 million
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    How to add new leagues?

    My laptop processor is very slow. I am attempting to do a moneyball save so will need to load smaller leagues in a save with crystal palace. Is there a way I can do this to add more players to my database without heavily affecting the speed? If so, which leagues? Thanks
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    Best tactic/style for a newly promoted team?

    I have just gotten Derby promoted to the premier league and want to sort out what playing style and formation to use next season. My team is very versatile so almost every type of style can be used, but I feel like a 4-1-4-1 or 4-3-3 defensive or standard would be best. What do you recommend I do?
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    Mid-table premier league team signings?

    I currently manage crystal palace and I am in need of a versatile centre mid and a fast centre back. My budget is around 8 million. However, I was wondering if we could make this a thread for all signings for teams in the bottom half of the premier league, so feel free to ask and suggest who to...
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    Crystal Palace?

    I need a centre back (preferably ball playing def) and a left mid/left winger (can either be a winger or more of a wide playmaker/wide midfielder). I would prefer if they're both a bit younger and my budget is 12 million pounds, any ideas?
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    Someone help me with scouting?

    I have scouts with 15+ JPA and JPP, but every time I scout a nation or region they come back with zero, one or two players. What is going wrong?
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    3D not working properly?

    Whenever I use the 3D camera, my players have their arms stuck out and glide across the ground instead of running. Please help!
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    Game lags/freezes?

    Whenever I start the first or second half, the screen stays stuck on the '0:00' or '45:00' screen for about 20 seconds, then advances about 5 minutes later and usually ends in a goal or two conceded. Please help me fix it?
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    Tactics for Derby County?

    I don't know which mentalities to use when at home or away. My only signings are Alex Pritchard, Jordan Rossiter and Harrison Reed. Please help!
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    Crystal palace first season

    My budget is 5 million. I want a player who is 23 or under and will eventually be a leading/star player or even world class. The positions that I'd like the player to be are any of the following: - attacking full back - sweeper keeper - physical defensive midfielder with good passing - any type...
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    Crystal Palace tactics (Counter, Defensive and Attacking tactics suited to all teams)

    I have been using Crystal Palace in the beta and so far I am doing quite well. I have made three pretty good tactics - one is an attacking one that I use at home against similar/weaker teams, one is a counter attacking tactic that I use at home against slightly stronger teams and away at similar...
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    Anyone else struggling to beat Norwich?

    It took me so many seasons to realise that the only way to beat the 4231 of Norwich is to play a 4-3-1-2. Previously, they had consistently beaten me with huge scorelines too. Has anyone else struggled to beat them?
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    set piece tactics?

    My team have conceded so many goals from corners this season, and I was wondering if anyone has a corner setup to help me?