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Recent content by Dan Hartigan

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    Participative AMC

    in fm19 i found a very good strikerless tactic that supplied me in that sense. But this year I didn't find any in that shape that was really good
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    Participative AMC

    I have the impression that the game this year favors wingers, buildings on the side. Many tactics use SS and AM, but they don't make much difference. I have already put Messi, Dybala, Hazard and neither do they yield in that position. Always underestimated. They don't participate much in the...
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    20.4 CADONI 442 - OEDIPUS

    Can you suggest a player for each position? how does pf play?
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    Tactics from around the world

    can you point me any good? fun tactic. I'm crazy for this. I create a save by tactic... :P
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    Tactics from around the world

    what kind of tactical difference? people use fm korea tactics a lot here
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    Tactics from around the world

    https://www.fmkorea.com/index.php?mid=fm20tactic&sort_index=voted_count&order_type=desc&document_srl=3088010363 someone else tried?
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    CRAZY 5230 - No midfileders No strikers Everything should go wrong, and yet... you WIN

    Estou procurando uma tática de jogo bonito. Não gosto de observar apenas o resultado, observo a performance também. Como se portam os AMCs? Como o tempo constrói suas jogadas?
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    Atacking, beautiful and collective football

    I am looking for a tactic that values collective play, but also brings together geniuses like Messi, Maradona, Pele, Zico ... Creatives and runners. I don't like to leave them by the side (wingers, if ...). I prefer the center.
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    FMKorea Camouflage 4231

    how does AMC play? Creative, runner or just finisher?
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    Tactics from around the world

    *) can anyone suggest a tactic that values an incisive AMC like Messi? Someone (AMC, ST), creative runner.... *) What is the best tactic from Lisa? He values buildings on the side, but I like good AMCs like Messi, Maradona, Hazard, Pelé, Zico...