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    Graphics cards help?

    Wondered if there's anybody with a good knowledge of PC graphics cards.. Just got a Dell Inspiron 530 on the cheap and I'm thinking of putting a decent graphics card in and giving it my nephew ...
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    Any Guitarists.. ? ?

    Wondered if there's any guitarists on Fm-Base... Just curious of what style of music you play, how long you been playing and which artists influenced you to learn Also what model and style guitar do you own For me the main one was Elliott Smith an awesome song writer and musician...
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    Dannyfiveo's & G-Bentley's kit request thread

    Template: Team Name : Sponsor : Kit Manufacturer ( Nike, Adidas,etc ) : Kit Template ( SS,LS,FB,RK,DK,AK,PD,BSS, ) : Maker ( Dannyfiveo, G-Bentley, JK ) : Size ( 160x160 / 414x414 ) : Home Kit : Away Kit : Third Kit (Optional) : ***Please try and use the template as it saves on...
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    Scottish kits help

    hi I'm in the middle of creating SPL kits Could someone let me know if these are the latest kits for the following clubs Inverness away - http://www.football-shirts.co.uk/fans/0910-inverness-caledonian-thistle-errea-away-kit_4466 Hamilton home -...
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    Kit problem

    Hi, Hopefully someone can help, I currently use the SS' 2D kits for the match screen and info page, which I find work best but recently I came across a couple of kits in the game, I've added a picture of exactly how they look. Now I'm not 100% sure if I actually installed some sort out...
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    Badge Logo template

    Hi I'm starting to create logos for all teams within the game which haven't already been created, I was wondering if there was a plain template download for the logo below (without the villa badge) as most of my badges within the game use this template...If so I would be happy to thank the...
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    Add badges to save game?

    Hi I have started creating badges for every team within the game i.e, all the teams from every country which hasnt already been created even the lower english teams like FC United, Guildsford and so on... basically every team over time hopefully, was wondering is it possible to add the badges...