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    Gaming with FM21 as always

    Gaming with FM21 as always
  2. darthvindictus

    Andromeda FM21 V 1.0

    I love the mechanics of this skin but it has several issues that I had to stop using the skin. I hope there is an update eventually.
  3. darthvindictus

    Video recording

    Video recording
  4. darthvindictus

    Darth Flutter

    darthvindictus uploaded Darth Flutter Leave feedback below.
  5. darthvindictus

    Darth Flutter 1.0

    I have used this tactic to win League Two and League One with Bolton Wanderers in 3 seasons. It is very attack oriented, and with the right players, can be the difference in goals to crown you Champions of your League.
  6. darthvindictus

    Please save my season with plug and play tactic

    Try this one out and see how it goes for you. It should plug in very nicely with the players you have. Let me know how it works out for you.