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    Playing in the Northern League, some advice?

    Just needing some advice to adapt to FM13! Got it last week, started a game with FCUM after a couple of horrid attempts at games before with Rangers and Motherwell. Decided I'd go with some downloaded tactics as I'm definitely no brilliant tactician! Haven't done too badly I guess, started the...
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    Tips for FC United?

    I'm currently with FC United of Manchester in the Northern Premier. I'm using this tactic: I feel I'm playing pretty well, have some good strikers at lower league...
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    Villareal Squad Numbers Problem - Can't Start Game?

    Just picked my team with the player Kike on the bench, it says a squad number hasn't been assigned to him, I go to pick the number and all numbers are either greyed out or taken. I can't change the team because it's been submitted, what do I do to get past this and start the game?
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    Removing Licensed Kits

    I recently made a game in which I edited a BSP side (the kits etc) but these are over written by the already licensed kits in the game. Also looks quite stupid because the match engine kits are also the colour of the licensed kits, is there any way to delete the licensed ones so it reverts to...
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    Team not entered in FA Cup?

    Hi, I recently edited a BSP team (changing the name, founded year etc) and found in the 1st season that I was not entered into the FA Cup. I thought this might have been because I am in my 1st season but I'm now in the 2nd (nPower League 2) and I am in the Carling Cup but not the FA Cup? PS - I...
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    Rangers tactics

    I am currently playing with Rangers in the premiership (edited). And I am looking to see if anyone can reccommend a tactic to download? Cheers :D