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    Annoying Mac Issue

    Long time ladies and gents.. Got a MacBook Air, got FM17. Every time I open the game it kills my batter (usually lasts >4 hours, lasts about 90 mins with FM running) and now whenever my Mac goes into screensaver mode the game crashes and I have to force quit from it. Is this a known issue? Are...
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    Game freezes when I set up network game? Help.

    Hi guys, long time. Trying to set up a network game with my mate. It all works fine on my computer but his computer is an issue. When he's trying to set up the server in-game, once he selects "choose nations" his entire game just freezes. He's validated the files on steam...
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    Your Perfect Footballer?

    Saw something floating around on Twitter and found it quite interesting the amount of different answers I got. So using the following body parts/attributes, create your perfect footballer using different parts of different players. Mine is pretty simple. RIGHT FOOT: Cristiano Ronaldo LEFT...
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    Cheeky, Cheeky Porto!

    FC Porto have given Portuguese rivals Sporting CP a total sucker punch after they sold star duo James Rodriguez and Joao Moutinho to Monaco for a combined €70M. The sucker punch comes from the Dragoes after they negotiated a €70M fee with the newly promoted French side, they noted that Moutinho...
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    ... vs DMF?

    Anyone up for a versus game? I have a Barcelona team in 23/24 season which I believe is incredibly strong. Got some beast regens and a few real players like Wilshere, Zouma and ter Stegen. Just a bit of fun, want to see how my team compares to others. Steam name: dmf180593 Cheers and good...
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    Ronaldo. Messi. Zlatan. Bale?

    Gareth Bale has lit up the Premier League this season with a string of impressive displays for Spurs domestically and in Europe. The Welshman has scored a career-best 17 goals this season in 29 games from the left-wing of Tottenham's attack and with 8 goals in 6 games since the turn of the year...
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    Keep getting kicked out of my network game

    Hi all, long time no speak. Been playing FM2013 since release day and had a network game going for a while now. We're into our fourth season of the game and suddenly I've been getting kicked out of the game every 10/15 mins randomly (although usually it is just after I've confirmed my...
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    Racism - by the Daily Mail.

    Written by Steve Doughty. Published by Daily Mail. Please, please, please tell me this guy is joking.
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    Pele to return for Santos aged 70!

    Brazilian legend Pele could be set to return to Santos' playing squad aged 70 for the Club World Cup! If this happens, I'll cry with happiness! Pelé Could Play Club World Cup For Santos -, all About Brazilian Football
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    Benfica vs Manchester United

    SL BENFICA VS MANCHESTER UNITED KICK OFF - 19:45 BST VENUE - Estadio Da Luz, Lisbon REFEREE - Damir Skomina [SVN] PREVIEW Benfica play host to Manchester United for the first time since 2006 in the opening fixture of the UEFA Champions League 2011/12 season. In that game in 2006, Manchester...
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    Spanish Super Cup 1st Leg - Real Madrid vs Barcelona

    Real Madrid vs Barcelona Kick off: 21:00 BST Venue: Bernabeu Real Madrid Line Up - Casillas Ramos - Pepe - Carvalho - Marcelo Alonso - Khedira Di Maria - Ozil - Ronaldo Benzema Real Madrid Bench - Adan, Varane, Arbeloa, Kaka, Callejon, Coentrao and Higuain. Incredibly, Real Madrid manager has...
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    Birmingham City set to enter Administration?

    According to The Mirror's backpage tomorrow, Birmingham City are to announce that they will enter administration tomorrow. Rumours are going crazy on Twitter too and with the board in it's current state at St.Andrew's many are claiming this story may have legs - especially as it's been printed...
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    DMF's Manchester United Tactic

    After being PM'd numerous times about my tactic and being asked on numerous threads about it, I've decided to give it a release seeing as I've finally stopped playing my game. In this save, I won the League title 13 years in a row, 8 Champions League trophies, 7 FA Cups, 6 Carling Cups, 6 World...
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    Pearce signs new 2 year deal with U21's

    Stuart Pearce has signed a new 2-year-deal with the FA to keep him as England U21 manager. BBC Sport - Pearce signs two-year extension as England U21 coach Think it's the correct decision. Would have been silly to get rid of him after this tournament considering what he's done previously. One...
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    Hall of Fame Not Working...

    Wasn't sure if this was the right section, so I apologise if it's not. Anyway, to the point. Been with Manchester United since day 1 on the game, and I'm now in 2019. I've won the league every year, won the Champions League 5 times and countless other trophies. However, the Hall of Fame only...