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    come on lets play ID: Manager201212 pass: 123
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    FM 2012

    Write here if u want to play
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    come on

    ID: FM 12.0.4 pass: 123
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    new game

    Manager1230 123
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    come and join

    225566A 123
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    12.0.2; 123jujuj123; pass:123

    not fast not slow
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    123jujuj123 pass:123 serious playas, not so fast not so slow
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    FM 12.0.2

    hi, wanna play? just with 2012 fm .0.2patch 12match12 pass: 123
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    ok so.. i wanna play a ******* game without idiots, in Prem League, i m with MU; i hate "keep continue maan", it is not fapping takes time to make some changes... beginning of the season takes time, but later the game will be faster so if u wanna: 1234PL1234 123
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    Hi 1 member, Premier League (I'm with MU), I havent played online, but i m quiet good player; so name: 123PremierLeague123 code: 123