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    A new club to play with

    Hey i want to play with a team in the united kingdom who will give me abit of a challenge to see what i can do:) Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Invalid Thread

    Hey i started a fm story for birmingham and i went to go on it and it says Invalid Thread Specified. Does anyone know what that means because it is annoying me:S
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    Players for Birmingham

    Hi I'm playing as Birmingham on the ipod in my second season in the prem where I am currently 6th in the league going into the January transfer window and I have £3 million to spend but I've only scored 14 goals so I need sum good attacking options and I may need sum defenders aswell so I was...
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    who will birmingham sign ?

    The blues have been promoted to the prem so i am asking people who they think they should sign!
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    Birmingham city tactics !!!!!

    i need help with my blues tactics which will make me go up to the premiership any help?
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    Player for Birmingham city

    I am looking for some players for birmingham which will help my push for promotion to the premier league. Any suggestions thanks.8-|
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    strikers who can score !!!!!!

    I need a striker who can score goals and partner kerlon up front because he is the only one who can score at the moment for my man u team and i need someone who can score 15+ goals a season so can anyone help ?