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    It is out

    5:58 my time. -1i think
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    Player does not want to move because of infrastructure and standards of living

    Could someone help me? Is there a way to improve standards of living or infrastructure?
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    Don't want to leave my save

    So I am playing FM 16 and I will buy FM17 or FM18 (when it comes out). The only problem is that I don't want to leave my Real Betis save. Is there any way to transfer it? I play FM16 on touch mode on PC.
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    .PKM files

    So while searching some of my files through my PC, I noticed a file being called "Bayern v Dinamo Zagreb 0, 426_fm-2". I put the " " symbols. Anyone know what are these for? I tried opening them in word or wordpad but it is some kind of code or encrypted text. Maybe they are for matches.
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    Crash Dump error on normal FM 16 mode

    Every time I try to advance time in FM 16 it crashes. FM 16 Touch mode works fine but the normal one does not.
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    Newgen Brothers

    Is it possible that youth intake generates brother of existing player or two brothers that come in same youth intake?
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    [HELP] Mod to win every match

    Is there any way to win every match in FM 16?
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    Strange players

    (will provide screenshoots.) FK Illičevec Mariupoljor illicvhivets mariupol is not even in the first ukrainian league and then they get a player worth 2.5 m and one 1.5. The cheap one is from Brasil. They have adequate youth facilites.