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    south shields logos

    hey guys....I just wonder if you know where can I find south shields logo? thank
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    Standard Logo Megapack for FM20 [Deleted]

    do anyone have level 7 logos and kits available?? as it for my team South Shields
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    set piece and corner routine

    anyone know what best set piece free kick and corner routine?
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    I got fm15 and layout all new! so wonder where to look for players to buy? need help!
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    how to upload tactic here

    i want upload my tactics here but dunno how so can someone tell me how pls thank
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    Data Editor 2012

    Hey Guys I just wonder what happen to data Editor 12 as it not there when i install fm12 so wonder what happen to it ?
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    Complete Dominate formation

    I just wonder who create complete dominance formation on FM10 as i got plenty of sucess with it so wonder if what instruction suit 4-1-2-1-2 narrow no winger so wonder anyone can help me