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    Anyone that doesn't use the steam FM trading cards?

    If there is anyone that doesn't use/care about the Football Manager 2013 or 2014 trading cards, please could you inbox/comment your steam name as I am a fan of them and am trying to collect them. Thanks! :)
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    Can someone please do me a big favour????

    Hey! I've recently become interested in the Steam Trading Cards. Any chance, if you don't bother or care about them, you could put your steam name in the comments or send me a message so I could get them? THANKS!!! :D FM13 or FM14, this applies to. thanks again haha :)
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    Top 10 Football Manager 2015 Possible Wonderkids. Football Manager 2015 - Wonderkids To Look Out For [Part 2] - YouTube Not really sure why Hinterregger wasn't a serious wonderkid this year. Best I say of him was a 7.5m rated rotation player at Roma :/ Please give this a watch, and leave a like if...
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    My Thoughts on the FM15 new features + Watch the match engine here. I really wanted to make a video on this, I have some strong feelings to the new features. Please give it a watch. What do you think of the new features? Do you agree with me? Thanks!!! :)
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    Potential Wonderkids Here are the wonderkids I reckon will rip up FM15. Thoughts?
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    Hi everyone, I'm Jack, from England. I've been playing FM for two-three years now, since FM12. My biggest achievement would have to be completing the Pentagon Challenge. I'm looking forward to seeing you all around the forum :) I have a FM youtube channel, please check it out and subscribe...
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    Football Manager 2015 Potential Wonderkids

    This is my first video on Youtube on Football Manager, have you had experiences with any of these players on FM14? Please also give me feedback on what you think of the video, and leave a like if you're feeling kind :) Thanks a lot for your time! :) )