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Recent content by FM-Joe

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    Got lots of money ... Need Players

    I am in the championship with reading and have a 75million budget ( i gave it to myself to help me start up lol ). Anyway i need good players that are prepared to drop down to the championship and help me get out of this league. I have tried to sign people like Kevin Doyle and Peter Crouch...
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    FM Editer

    Hi , So i started using the FM editer ... I want to get my local team ( Reading ) taken over by a sugar daddy. So i clicked load database , searched for reading , then done it and checked the box affect starting finances. But when i load it up and start a new game there is no sugar daddy just...
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    Player Exchange HELP

    Well i offered a Rickie Lambert as a trade and swindon rejected so now i just want to offer cash but i dont know how to remove the player. Any Help
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    Hi , Just download FM 11 today via steam and i am downloading tactics via this site. And i just copy and paste them into Data > Tactics and when i go into a game they arent showing up any help ?
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    Unemployed , Help ?

    I just got FM 11. I couldnt decide what team to be so i thought that unemployed abd the first team to offer me a contract i would accept. I am now 6months down the line and havent been offered one single job. How long does it usaully take to get a job ?