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    4-2-3-1 Inverted Wingers/Attacking Full Backs

    I will test this tactic and leave my feedback after 1 season
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    20.4 CADONI 442 - OEDIPUS

    Well, i lose my screenshots off the second season, but with Braga team only do 2 transfers i win in the second season: - Portuguese League by 6 points; - Portuguese League Cup; - Portuguese SuperCup; - European League against Bayern Munique for 4-0; - European Supercup against Liverpool by 3-2...
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    20.4 CADONI 442 - OEDIPUS

    Hi Cadoni, I'm in love with this tatic!!!! I play one season with Braga, a Portuguese team predicted to finish 4º place. The season was great, the only problem was the games. Have to play Portuguese League, Portuguese Cup, League Cup and Europa League. The team don't have quality for this...