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    FM13 not appearing in My Documents/Sports Interactive folder?

    Hi guys (sorry in advance if there is already a thread on this, couldn't find one relating to my issue). FM13 installed on Steam absolutely fine, checked to see that it played fine, so I'm ruling out an issue with Steam (hence why this isn't being posted in the Steam help thread), however when...
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    Juventus- 1st season

    Have a budget of 7mil, gonna be playing a 4-2-4 formation. Who should I buy/sell?
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    Players switching national teams??

    Has anyone else had this happen to them in the game? I notice that every know and again a player with dual nationality will get called up by one team, play a game, and then end up playing for the other national team. See the screenshot and you'll understand what I mean.
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    Backroom advice on tactics?

    Basically I'm Man City, in April of the first season. I've won the league already and got a great tactic playing 4-1-1-3-1 (with DM), obviously this uses width and quick tempo. But my assistant recently gave me a load of backroom advice saying things like "we struggle when playing with width"...
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    Question regarding Sugar Daddy

    I keep hearing that having a sugar daddy means they pump money into the team every couple of months and give new transfer budgets every window. But I'm managing Man City in the first season, got to January and been losing 20mil per month yet the guy doesn't put any money into the club at all...
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    Man City- poacher

    I'm thinking of selling Adebayor in my Man City save, he's on too much. Anyway if I get rid of him I'll need a good backup for Tevez. Someone who can play as a poacher but isn't so good to demand a starting place or crazy wages like Adebayor does.
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    Lack of players dubbed 'Wonderkids'?

    So I've had the game a while now and I've noticed that there arn't that many players with the wonderkid label in their personal section if you view them in comparison to FM09. Yes I know there is Balotelli, Santon, Kroos, Perotti but hardly any players actually have the wonderkid label.
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    Question about player potential

    So I was doing some updates to the database for transfers and players who were underrated originally but have since improved. And anyway I noticed that some players have a current ability of say 123, but a potential ability of -8. This is young players mostly. And when in the game these players...
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    Problem trying to install patch 10.3.0

    I've just installed FM10, without Steam because it wasn't working at all, and I've gone to download the latest patch, got it from the FM10 site and I'm 100% sure its the correct one. Anyway it starts updating, then it gets to the point where it has updated 722 of the files and it comes up with...
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    Anyway to change the non EU player rule?

    I'm a bit frustrated with the non EU player rule limiting the number. Mainly because a couple of my players who have been in the country for way over the minimum reuquirement of days arn't getting given the paperwork. As a result they are still classed as non EU players even though they speak...
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    Problem with FMRTE, help please.

    I know this is the wrong section but no one ever looks into the sub forum for this as its to do with FM09. Basically I've been using the editor with a summer transfer update and its been fine up till a couple of days ago when I started getting a message saying "FMRTE could not detect FM/WSM 09...
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    Possible takeover?

    I've started managin Inter (odd as I'm a Juve fan). And I've noticed my chairman's status is 'willing to listen to offers'. Anyone know if I will get a takeover? Also I heard that there was a way to cause a board takeover, is this true?
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    Wayne Rooney training, help please

    I'm looking for a training schedule that can make Rooney improve. I've used TUG's and it never seems to work for him. And the wierd thing is that other players on this schedule improve loads.
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    Does Carrick ever play well?

    I'm constantly noticing that Carrick doesn't play well no matter what formation I play. I've sold him in other saves and he has gone on to be amazing for whoever bought him. What reason is there for this?
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    Do I need to sign anyone?

    Hi I am Chelsea in the first season summer transfer window. So far I have sold, Anelka,Malouda,Carvalho and Alex will soon leave as will Hilario. I have bought in, Hamsik,Dzagoev,Taylor,Fiorillo,Pato, Santon and Johnson (from Boro). I am looking at buying another LB to be backup/rotation. I...