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  • nu merge sa deblochez ligile mai mici din romania, scrie ca sunt prea putine echipe, ai idee ce trebuie sa fac??
    I am trying to load the Switzerland + Liechtenstein leagues but I can't get them to work. Hope you can fix this.
    Hello Gediliku,

    I am writing here to ask a question about your FM2012 World Leagues Megapack. I admire the work that must have gone into creating the pack, and was wondering if you would like to update the pack as for it to be compatible with game version 12.2.2. I understand that this would mean a lot of work (again), however it is now impossible to use your pack with FM2012, and I would love very much to be able to do so!

    Of course, this is completely your decision if you choose to update the files or not - but I sure hope you will be kind and do this for the whole FM community! :D

    Please get back to me,
    Ben. :)
    On your upload of From Amateurs to Semi-professional, which countries do I choose?
    getting a few errors with some leagues, Chile , Argentina , France, Germany, Holland, Ukraine#, using version 12.1 any ides
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