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Recent content by gelasio

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    Breaking the Guttmann Curse - A Benfica Story

    It's my goal every FM ... I think it's close for me this year and I am on 2024 on my save With Benfica is very easy winning a big amout of money selling players! Good luck!
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    Your favourite FM20 Players?

    Lots of excellent danish (and not very expensive) players: sisto, olsen and fisher
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    Bargain world Class Right Wingers

    try Olsen, he is a beast
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    Knap Wulf 4-4-2 Tactic

    Loving this tactic
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    Benfica - DR - 3rd Season

    Club: Benfica Position: Defender Right /Wing Back Right Season: 2012/2013 Budget: Until 7M€ Others: With good offensive skills! Thanks
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    Benfica - GK (3rd season)

    I want for the 3rd season: experienced GK up to 7M€ better than Júlio César (he's pretty good attributs, but is inconsistent and has done bad exibithions) A few scratched hypotheses: Diego Alves isn't better than Júlio César.... Stekelenburg is at Bayern (12M€)... O Enyeama is at PSV...