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Recent content by Gent

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    Aston Villa

    Hi, I'm starting a save (so season 2010-2011) with Aston Villa, and I'm looking for Rightback (Young player who can be a back up and be my first choice in a few years) Leftback (Young player who can be a back up and be my first choice in a few years) Striker (Partner for Agbonlahor) Budget: 22m
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    Queens Park Rangers

    I never managed a Championship team, so I don't really know a lot about it. In real life (I live in Belgium) I follow the championship, but not very in depth. Now I want to start a game with QPR and I was wondering if the team needs strengthening or not? So, if anyone has a recommendation it...
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    Media interaction problem

    I'm having some problems when I want to talk about a player to the press. I'm managing a team in Belgium and the national team of Ivory Coast (spelling?) Whenever I try to talk to the press about signing a player for my club, from my national team, it doesn't work. Does anyone else have this...
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    Jari Litmanen

    Like Martin Palermo, Jari Litmanen is also a great short term investment. Anyone ever signed him on fm10?