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Recent content by gerrard96

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    Daniel sturridge

    Any one know how to get him to score more??
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    mourinho tactic

    does anyone know of a defensive mourinho style tactic already out?
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    I know it's not a tactic but can u train players to learn new ppm's? Any help will be greatly accepted
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    what tactic to use?

    i need help with a consistent tactic any suggestions? been using kuns tika tac but not that successful for me
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    Misfiring strikers

    I'm currently on my 3rd season as Liverpool, finished 4th and 3rd in two previous seasons and currently 4th now. The problem I seem to have is my strikers!!? No matter what formation/Tactics I try Suarez and sturridge are hopeless. Now is it just me or are they both not very good on the game...