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    3-5-2 Counter

    Sure, attached are the 2nd season's fixtures and results. I tweaked it as I went on hence the shaky start but it definitely hit a sweet spot and I kept it pretty consistent after that. I'm currently testing with Crystal Palace after a rebuild that sees Max Aarons, Declan Rice and Alfredo...
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    3-5-2 Counter

    glambert uploaded 3-5-2 Counter Leave feedback below.
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    3-5-2 Counter v1

    Tweaked this tactic over the second season with Sheff Wed with Paterson and Jerome Sinclair up top, this is the third season team in the screenshot. Against teams I wasn't confident of beating, I would switch to a Cautious mentality, with More Direct Passing. In this season, we exceeded all...
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    Issues On Ubuntu

    Well after playing since it came out on Windows 8 I've finally got around to ditching it for Ubuntu 13.10 and I'm more than delighted that the game works fine on it. I do however have two relatively small but irritating issues that I'm hoping others are able to re-create. 1. I can't use...
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    demba ba

    first game of the season.. playing Fulham at home.. Ba scores once in the first half, but we go into the half time team talk 3-1 down.. I give the team an aggressive "show me something else" and Ba ends up scoring 4 more goals and we win 5-3... and he gives me my first ever 10.0 rating for a...
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    has anyone been able to play Fm2012 ok on netbooks? I can play it but the default skin doesn't adapt very well and some screens like the add manager screen you can only see half of the screen. Does make me wonder why they can't just add scrollbars where the content doesn't fit on the screen...
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    Ahmed Soukouna

    Fantastic free transfer signing for League 1! my best yet by far. I signed him with Peterborough on a 6 year contract at £6k per week and he returned that investment by scoring 36 times in 45 league appearances! My team won the league with 7 games to go and finished with 112pts and a 82+ goal...
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    3 points the hard way...

    Just had to share this nail-biting game.. Wolves 5 - 6 Aston Villa.pkm - - online file sharing and storage - download Enjoy (H)
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    sc Heerenveen - first season

    Well looking for a new challenge I decided to take over sc Heerenveen in Holland. Here is the tactic I used throughout the season, it's a 4-4-2 pass and move counter attacking formation that worked quite well with the players I signed. From the 34 games in the season, plus the european...