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    Player profile issue, please help!

    Every time when I load/reload any save game, the info on player profiles keeps getting messed up, so I have to assign info on 10 boxes over and over again. It's kind of frustrating. Is there a way I can save my view? The stupidest thing is that by default the profile shows "Bans" on all 10...
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    Tottenham 1st season - LEFT BACK?

    Quality Left back for Tottenham? 10-12M euros max? Fast and good in the art of defence. No 16 year old kids with bags of potential.. need to play first teem right away.
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    Background logos?

    Can't find any club and competition background logos(used on titlebar).. Can you help me? Thanks.
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    Injured Players droping physical stats!!! Help!

    Hello. I am playing Leverkusen(patch3) and Barnetta got injured for about 3 months. During his injury he drops points in physical stats, and after he recovered I kept playing him, but he didn't recover his lost attributes(pace, acc, stamina etc.) At the end I sold him for good money. Now Renato...
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    How to play against ultra-defensive teams?

    Playing with Sunderland and beat Real Madrid in a Champions League match. My next match was against Burnley at home - the worst team in Premiership. I started with the same 11 of the match against Real, the strategy was attacking, and I told the guys that I expect victory. Match ended 0-0 with...
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    Recovery from Injury.

    Patch 11.3 - I'm managing Sunderland. Asamoah Gyan was injured for 2 weeks, and about the 10th day 5 of his physical attributes dropped by 1 point. How can I bring back his attributes!? I am using default trainings. I note that it's going the same with all my injured players no matter how long...
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    Problem with specified color!

    Is it possible to change the highlighted color of "required attributes" in the tactics menu. I mean - when choosing a player on the pitch it shows the most required attributes on the left side of screen. The attributes are highlighted in transperant black(gray) color, but when using a dark...