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    Left defender

    Hi guys. Playing as schalke. First season January. Looking for a LB (wingback support). Any reccomendations? Budget under 8mill.
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    installing fm on two computers

    Hey. Does anybody knows If can instal FM on two laptops? I want to play sometimes on PC and sometimes on laptop
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    Urgent Problem.

    Hey, after extra-time i choose who should be taking penalties and press continue and now i can't go further! I just see empty field. I can go to stats or outside of match to see news etc but cant get match to continue with penalty shotout. Hitting space bar doesnt help. What should i do? anybody...
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    team talk reaction

    hey, is "fired up" a positive raction? i believe "motivated" is a lot better. and sesond question: why after individual teamtalks players change theirs reactions just because i told another player the same or somthing else. for me its weird that it affetcs them. cheers
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    Switching AML AMR with different roles?

    Did anybody try this? It works pretty well for me. AML inside forward AMR winger and their switching positions with eachother. Both are right footed.