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    Alberto Bueno

    Another Real Madrid product who looks quite solid. I'm currently managing Villareal and Rossi will leave for Barca (they bid 40M - his minimum release clause) so I'm looking for a replacement. Most "good" replacements like Dzeko or Hulk for example wont join because of my low reputation or cant...
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    Daniel Parejo

    Just stumbled over him, he looks pretty decent and doesnt seem to cost that much (Report says 6M). I'm in need for an Attacking Midfielder with an European Passport and he looks like a good fit, anybody else ever had him?
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    Anybody ever got him? He looks pretty decent, just found him on Braga as they are my opponents in the Euro League.
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    Undersoil heating + Expansion?

    As you can see my board plans to install an undersoil heating. Looking at the 2nd picture you can also see that there will be an expansion of 7050 seats in my stadium. I never received a message about it, it's just there after the announcment of the undersoil heating. Normal? Bug? Will the costs...
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    Robert Lewandowski

    Anybody ever got him? I signed him for the first time with Boro (look at my story) because i heard good things about him in RL and he has been absolutely amazing. Great player in the Championship, can't wait to see him (hopefully) in the Premier League next season
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    Down to the Riverside

    Name: Middlesbrough Football Club Founded: 1876 Ground: Riverside Stadium (Capacity: 34,988) Chairman: Steve Gibson Boro announce coaching change Middlesbrough - FC Middlesbrough chairman Steve Gibson announced today that Gordon Strachan has been sacked after an internal controversy...