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    MS .NET Framework - Size??

    i am trying to install the framework package needed to work with the RTE but i only have approx. 1.2gb of free space on my C: drive and i cant free up any more without removing something vital like java, adobe, etc. and i cant make the installer install the program on my D: drive, so how am i...
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    Finances - Balance??

    i have used the data editor packed with the game to edit my spurs team, i have given them like 1bn quids worth of transfer budget and edited the balance to something like 1bn too but when i go into the game again, the balance is like 6m or something, anything but the number i edited it too. how...
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    Keeping possession and fewer long shots??

    im playing as spurs and im about mid table at the mo and now i have lost a 3 or 4 games in a row because of a lack of goals, whenever i go to the asst. managers feedback i get messages like "we need to keep more possession" or similar, and i cannot figure out how to actually make the team keep...
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    In-Game Music

    is it possible to get music to play during the game cause i find it really weird playing a game with no menu sound at all, and during games its just repetitive crowd noise, is there something you can do to get a playlist going on during the game??
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    hey umm, hi, well this is my 2nd FM game ive bought, i bought FM2007, and to be honest since ive started playing it im not really getting it, im more used to the FIFA games where you just pick a team and play, not fiddle around iwth every minor detail, but thats why i got 2009 because i wanted...