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    Online career instant result?

    Hello looking to start a career with 2 or 3 people ( 1 also a possibility). Only requirement , we all play instant result, all matches , for faster gameplay. Write here as comment or add me on Steam - tedo_tedo
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    Reviving sleeping giants, Nottingham Forest

    Hello to all of you :). This is my save, reviving sleeping giants and i choosed to pick 2 times champions leagues winners Nottingham Forest. They reside in championship now and here is a little bit history about them... Nottingham Forest Football Club, often...
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    Fotball Manager touch

    Looking for 2 serious people for a long term save on Football Manager TOUCH 2019 :). Contact me here or on steam tedo_tedo
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    Manager reputation question

    Hello guys, i have a question about manager reputation. For example if u set Sunday league footballer at the very start of the game it lowers your reputation to a certain levels, right? I've chcked those levels on Fm EDITOR and i want to ask you.. what if i further lower those stats? Home ...
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    Challenge idea

    Hi guys, i have a challenge idea, i dont know if anyone has thought of it before.. I am thinking to create my own club with LOWEST possible reputation in the LOWEST possible league (may be in England?), here i want to ask more experienced fm players, Where to start it? I would love to be...
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    New career

    OK i am posting again, searching for 1 or 2 serious players, this time not more than 2 for serious online save. tedo_tedo is my steam name. You can add me.
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    New online game

    add me Tedo_Tedo on steam , creating new online game searching for 1 or 2 dedicated players to play a long term save
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    One person for Multiplayer

    Hello , we are 2 guys and we are searching for one DEDICATED person to make a long term save , this time 3 players max , whoever writes first gets the spot :) We will coordinate in waht league to play :) Steam Id : tedo_tedo
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    Anyone for online play?

    I just bought football manager 2016 and i am looking for someone dedicated to do a long term career :) Add me on steam - tedo_tedo :)
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    Please help me guys

    I want to buy football manager 2016. Where i can find it on the lowest price :) ? Do someone know ? Thanks in advance
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    Someone for online ?

    Hello , does anyone still play this version of football manager ? If anyone wants to play add me on skype i_am_bg2 or pm me here :)
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    PLease Answer me

    Do i need to have the original version for fm 2015 ? Because , as far as i remember , fm 14 is played with GreenLuma or smthing like that , does this works for fm 15 too , or is fm15 playable with hamachi :D
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    Online game

    I am quite new to Football Manager 2014, but i want to start one online game with 2 more people , who have enough free time to play :) , pm me here , or on skype i_am_bg2 to see which version will we play ;)
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    Online football manager playing

    Hey guys . Anyone up for football manger 2012 online ? find me on skype i_am_bg2 or write me here on private :)
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    Anyone for FM 12 Online ?

    Anyone up for football manager 2012 online game :( ? Write to me , on skype i_am_bg2 ;), or pm me here on site