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Recent content by Jack Logan

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    Building new stadium - Serie A Inter

    Season 2015-2016 Inter Stadium Giuseppe Meazza (I can't be owner): heated 79.471 places Audience: 35000min - 65000max Averave Audience: 56.036 Structures: traingin and young facilities excellent. My finance are very good. Up to 200M. Building a new stadium could improve profits or benefits...
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    Leon Goretzka - nobody talk about this BEAST!

    I purchased him on January 2016 (third season) for about 50M in my Inter :D Previously years he doesn't want to join...but if you can, get him as soon as possible (maybe he cost lower). He's absolute a baest!!!! I think you can't find better... pics: I've just get him, so 0 appearance in my...
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    4-3-3 CAPPUCCINO by ***JACK LOGAN***

    4-3-3 CAPPUCCINO by ***JACK LOGAN*** First of all, I'm sorry for my english :) All my players are functional to my tactic. I can't say that this tactic will be good for every team, but with right buy it could devaste everyone and everything getting the chance to reverse predictions. The...
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    Denys Garmash or..?

    I'm playing Italian Serie A second season and I have only 1 slot left for NON Eu National player. My formation are 5-3-2 4-3-3 and 4-3-2(wing)-1. I'm looking for good young (max 24 years old) middlefielder with supporting duties. I want to spend max 15million. Anyone found garmash good? Leon...
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    Formed at country players

    Anyone could tell me this rule? What I have to do to get player "fromed at country 15-21" that isn't born in that country? I need to offer a youth contract before? or what else? I'm playing in Premier league 2014/15 and Now I've only 5 players formed at country 15-21...
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    Ciao! I'm Jack from Italy

    Hi guys, I've been playing FM from...mmm... many times ;) and this forum was and is a must for me. I'm a fan of Internazionale Milano (FC INTER), I've played many games with it and other with lower or different team. Now I'm playing Manchester City in FM2013, I like this club and especially...