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    Manager Reputation Bugged?

    Hello all Quick query regarding manager reputation. My reputation increased after my first 2 seasons as I took Rostock from the 3rd to the 1st German division with consecutive promotions. I started with 'sunday league' past experience and after my second promotion the reputation has stayed at...
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    Has anyone had success with Leeds United?

    Hey guys I'm literally close to tearing my hair out here. I've tried about 4 or 5 different saves with different tactics and for whatever reason I just can't seem to get success with Leeds. I've taken York City to the PL with a weaker squad then this Leeds one but I still can't get any success...
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    Manager Reputation

    Hello, first post here in a while! Anyway I've been playing a succesful York city save at the moment and everything has been going great. From first season in league 2 I have battled my way into the Premier League (promoted from championship in 4th season, about to start 5th). However I have a...
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    2013/2014 squad update for fifa 13 xbox 360

    Hey guys After playing fifa 14 and finding it truly horrific I was googling to see if anyone had made a 2013/2014 squad update for fifa 13 but have had no such luck. Does anyone here know if such a patch exists? Thanks in advance
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    The Walking Dead

    Not sure if there is a thread for this show but if there is then close this. The Walking Dead is one of, if not, the best TV shows currently running in my opinion and I am thoroughly looking forward to the second half of season 3 returning on February 10. So I far I'd say season 3 is the best...
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    Guy has played a Civilization II save for 10 years

    Literally one of the greatest things I have ever read. Probably people on this site who have played Civ II and will really appreciate this. Others won't have played the game but will still appreciate it anyway. Basically a guy has played a Civilization II save off and on for 10 years! Was posted...
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    Watch Dogs

    I just watched the video from E3 and it looks like a really interesting and unique game. Just wondering what other people think. They had a 10 minute demo at E3
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    Dead Pet Turned Into Helicopter

    Chaz did you do this?! Cat Flap: Dead Pet Turned Into Helicopter - Yahoo! News UK
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    FM-Base memes

    Who made this facebook page? I only saw it because Dunc recommended it but some of them are pretty **** funny. Think my favourite was: Facebook page is here
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    recommended sat navs

    Hey guys my mums birthday is coming up so she wants me (and my 2 brothers) to collaborate and finally buy her a sat nav so she won't get lost when she tries to visit us. My brother has been doing most of the searching so far but hasn't found anything for sure. Am I right in saying Tom Toms are...
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    Jak's PC Problems guide/ Help Thread

    Any PC or FM12 related issues read the tips and if you still have problems make a post describing your problem and ill get back to you as soon as I can Hello allI have finally decided to stop being lazy and recreate my help thread I had for 2012. For those interested it can be found here. This...
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    Happy new year

    Heading out to a party in a bit but would just like to wish every base member a happy new year and hope whatever you're doing tonight (partying, FMing, or, if you're dunc, being raped by Tiraths) that you have a good time and that 2012 is a great year for you. I hope this time next year im at...
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    Dopefish gaming videos

    Anyone else watch these? They're hilarious, I love how much he laughs and the general things he does. Probably most famous for laddergoat (which is pretty funny) but him playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent is just too funny. It's a scary game but he takes it to a new level! Also enjoyed watching...
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    Good place to buy football Shirts

    Hey guys Got some money at the moment so was thinking of buying a football shirt (some of mine are getting a bit small now ;) ). Been looking on sports direct (buying some astros and GK gloves from there) but couldn't find what I wanted. Same with JJB. What I want is the American football shirt...
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    Tetris sprint Try and clear 40 lines in as little time as possible. My best is pretty **** (2.25) but am getting better :P screenshot your scores up here if you're particularly proud!