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Recent content by James_Art46

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    Jerome Roussillon - Sochaux

    Name: Jerome Roussillon Club: Sochaux D.O.B: 06/01/1993 Nationality: France (Guadelopean) Position: Defender (Left) / WBL/ ML / AML Strengths: great physical attribute for his age (18th), attack minded player Weaknesses: poor player in air ... :) Description...
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    Timo Horn - Koln

    Name: Timo Horn Club: FC Koln D.O.B: 12/05/1993 Nationality: Germany Position: Goalkeeper Strengths: great aerial ability and pretty tall also :) Weaknesses: command of area (but he still 17, i thought :)) Description: Promising Goalkeeper Suggested Roles...
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    Manuel Lanzini - River Plate

    Name: Manuel Lanzini Club: River Plate D.O.B: 15/02/1993 Nationality: Argentina Position: Attacking Midfielder (Center) / MC Strengths: passing, dribbling, pretty quick player also Weaknesses: lack of strength and height :) Description: Midfielder...
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    Can anyone help me to create a tactic on FM 2011, that looks like France in WC '98? Sorry for my bad english? :)
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    problem with 'crash dumps' on FM2010

    first, i've already use 10.2 patch ... second, i'm not using STEAM ... third, i install it to my PC at home and my PC at work ... last, why the one that i install on my PC at home always got 'crash dumps' error while the one at my work don't ??? :@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@
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    France through for WC 2010, but ...

    SHAME ON HENRY ................... (Eventough i was France fans :S) That's absolutely intentional handsball. Dunno what referee think about that if he seen the replay after that. Ireland was fantastic tonight, France just play like 11 player play for their own not a team. Unlucky for Ireland i...
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    how good is your sunderland teams?

    i manage sunderland. on the first season we finished 8th position. reaching semifinal in league cup, and sixth round in fa cup. darren bent 2nd in goalscorer chart with 23 goals, only 5 goals behind the leader (tevez). we're now on the second season, struggling to show the best from us. curently...