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    Custom competition logos

    I have a custom database I have created with all custom competitions. I was wondering if you'd be up for creating the logos for these?* Basically the competitions from scotland, ifeland, n ireland wales and england have all been merged together to form the*UK*Football Association. So the...
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    Editing the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish leagues

    Hi Basically what I would like to achieve if possible is to create a scenario where the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish leagues are the richest and most popular leagues in the world. Bringing football home to it's roots. I'm hoping this will encourage the world's best managers and players to...
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    Can anyone help with this problem?

    I have created a custom database where all the teams from around the world play in a World Club Football league structure. The problem I am having is when the foreign teams generate new youth players, they are generating with the correct nationality but they all have English names!! This takes...
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    Help and advice

    I'm looking to setup a European Super League which replaces al the current domestic leagues in Europe. The idea is to have a European Premier League featuring the top teams in Europe based on reputation (Barca, Real, Bayern, Man City Arsenal, Chelsea, etc) with lower tiers populated based on...
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    Trying to edit TV and Prize money

    Can anyone help me edit the tv money and prize money for English competitions. I'm fairly new to editing with the editor, just basic stuff but this has proved a bit challenging for me!!!
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    Request for Legend Database Editors

    I'm looking for a database which brings all the retired football greats back to the game but as they are now so that they are available as staff etc. I'm thinking it would be great to have someone like Cantona suddenly make a return to the premier league as a manager or maybe Paolo Maldini...
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    Hi I'm in the process of creating a fantasy database where the English premier league becomes the home of world football! The premier league has become the greatest league in the world attracting the best players, managers and staff. There are still some changes I need to make however but have...