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Recent content by jharty101

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    Ultimate Team

    I am looking for 16 people to play in this game of ultimate team (idea by iamauser with some changes made by me to the points system and an added rating system as in Fifa e.g. Berbatovs CA is 164 so his rating is 82) The game will be started I will holiday a season and post the results with how...
  2. J

    Barcelona Left Winger

    In need of a left winger as i would like to play iniesta at center mid with xavi preferably a winger good at being an inside forward and i could get get for around £15m Thanks in advance
  3. J

    guild wars 2

    i was just wondering because ive seen a few people that have posted on the WoW thread hey liked guild wars if anyone was planning on getting this 1 i plan on gettin this for christmas just wondering what you guys think
  4. J

    jeremy kyle gets envelope thrown at him

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what a ******* legend YouTube - Jeremy Kyle Gets A Smack Round The Head With An Envelope (HD)
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    Just started with solihull moors to see how well i can do.

    just started a save as solihull moors on update 9.3 had a good pre-season but a bad 1st game lost 4-0 to blyth spartans!