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Recent content by joandrle

  1. J

    Who is playing with Barcelona?

    Looks like I havent found any tactic that Works...
  2. J

    Looking for Barcelona tactic

    Mates, can you suggest any good tactic for Barcelona?? I know is a strong team, but I dont find any tactic that I like Thanks a lot
  3. J

    Anyone know good tactics 1-4-1-2-2-1 and 1-4-3-3???

    I'm looking for tactics with that style of play similar to Barcelona, can anyone help me? I know that with a team like Barcelona any tactic works, but I look for some that fit as real as posible. Thanks in advance!!
  4. J

    What do you think that it is the best tactic for teams such as Barcelona?

    Seems easy to win with a team like Barcelona, but which do you think is the tactic more stable according to the Barcelona?
  5. J

    Best tactics 15.3.2??

    What are the best tactics for you ?? 15.3.2 tactics and screen
  6. J

    Best tactic Atletico Madrid 15.3.2???

    Does anybody know some good tactics??
  7. J

    Which do you think is the best tactic for teams FC Barcelona style??

    Best tactic 14.3 to play like FC Barcelona??
  8. J

    Best tactic for teams like FC Barcelona???

    Which do you think is the best tactic for teams FC Barcelona style??
  9. J

    Best tactics 14.2.2 for FC barcelona??

    Tactics that will look better for a similar style to the FC Barcelona??? Now Im triying Koen Varius attacking play V3