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    playgm StephenHK Tactics FM21

    Just had an unbeaten first season with Real Madrid winning everything and score 134 goals in league. Strikers score half of those goals and my AMC has highest rating it's perfect ✌
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    playgm StephenHK Tactics FM21

    Just won league and Euro using 433. Hope it still work after patch, my gut feeling tells me striker will get nerf ?
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    2413 Ultra Attack - Designed for top teams

    Nice tactic, my team score a lot more goals after switching to this.
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    playgm 3412 Invincible Van Gaal

    The new version is superb!
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    Tactic Testing Feedback

    Yes this is sorely needed and should add a test queue to show which tactics are gonna be tested next. Hope to to see Vujevic's 3412 get tested soon.
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    Norwich won Premiership in first season 95 points 3-4-1-2-Libero Dominator-by Vujevic

    Fantastic tactic! Doing really well for my Norwich and Parma. IMO, this is much better than Wufeng sword for weak team.
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    PSA: Multiple Accounts (Includes apology from TFF)

    Whoa, this man need to quit FM and seek help from a physiatrist asap.