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Recent content by Jonesey_MFC

  1. J

    Asistant Manager For Barcelona

    Hello peeps Well i want to know is who will be the best option as an Assistant Manager for my Barcelona team. I am nearly at the end of my first season and my current Assistant will not agree a new comtract. So i am on the lookout for someone decent. Any help is much appreciated
  2. J

    Problem - Green and Orange Box

    For some reason i have a green and orange box over the bottom right hand corner of my screen. Has anybody else had this problem???? How can i fix it????? Thanks in advance
  3. J

    Help - Player Faces and Logo

    I have been reading through the forum and have read that i need to add the file to the Graphics/Players....ect folder But i dont have one for some reason. In the FootballManager2009 folder i have -db -games -maches -skins -sounds Thats it! Any ideas??????????