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Recent content by Jordan Cookie Cook

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    i no how to create player, im making mine from my age 14 and, is there a way to be a player through carear (doubt it cuz it football manager) cuz like i wanna watch my player and see if he comes a hero. is there any way ? then when i find out on here i willpost my bap story thing
  2. J

    Is there a way to Create Your own team ? ? ?

    is there something to download or something on the game where you can create your own club on football manager 2011 ? ? ?
  3. J

    I know a good free player

    when u start the game be at least a n power championship or preimer leauge team so this player will have interest in your squad when u start he is for free just type in on search bar on game Julio Cruz, great player for free of charge :)
  4. J

    Hey everyone

    any of you go steam and football manager 2011? we could help eachother out my user on steam is jordyc98, plus im new to fm base