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Recent content by JUStInCe

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    JUStInCe's Auction Game

    Just been back to FM after a long long time due to real life commitments so I figured out I might as well do one of these auction games when I still have the time now. I'm looking for 20 reliable players (hopefully) to participate in this auction game. I will be using teams from the BPL for...
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    JUStInCe's Follow Your Career!

    APPLICATIONS CLOSED Well, been wanting to do it for quite some time now. Now that i will be free from Wednesday onwards I thought that I will start on one of this games. I will be looking for 10-15 players for this game. People like (Danny, Arkle) who i have joined their games will be...
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    fm crashing when a player's profile is selected

    The game just got crashed whenever i tries to view a player's profile. I been playing for 4 seasons already and there were no such issues back then. I saw from some threads that it might be a problem with kits / facepacks etc. and deleting it will solve it but apparently it does not work for me...
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    Problems with skins

    i followed the instructions on how to install a skin on the sticky thread and no matter how many times i tried i was unable to get the skin to work. I have encoutered no problems downloading kits,facepacks,logos and backgrounds but i just could not let the skin to work. Any solutions to my...