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    What to do with my world class regens

    I have many world class regens in my Arsenal save, sadly most of them have odd set of skills. I need suggestion about how should I play them because I mainly used 4231 to fit Ozil-Sanchez-Oxlade/Iwobi-Dybala. 1. Marco Souza Wenger (DoF) bought from Austria (not Portugal, lol) for 10m which I...
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    Youth player lose determination

    I have a regen player from Brazil who had 17 determination, I made him a first team player for a season and is losing determination to 15. It influenced his performance a lot. How could that happen? (He is 18 years old)
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    Your favourite music quotes

    So you run and you run to catch up woth the sun but it's sinking Rising around and catch up behind you again Pink Floyd - Time
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    Best striker duo in history

    i think Henry-Bergkamp is the best combination, bergkamp with his intelligence, henry with his physical ability please remove this thread if repost
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    Need Help: Palermo 442 diamond

    I try to create tactic for Palermo. I use 442 diamond Ancellotti style. Pos/Role/Duty GK/GK/defend FBL/fb/Auto CBL/cb/defend CBR/cb/defend FBR/wb/Auto DMC/dlp/support CMR/bwm/defend CML/cm/attack AMC/advancedplaymaker/attack STL/dlf/support STR/advancedforward/attack I get decent result...
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    Assistant/Scout report

    Sometimes they are biased to recent match performance/statistic Pat Rice give Lukaku 4,5 stars, I check in FMRTE he is 160/169 Jonjo Shelvey who is 154/180, Pat rice only give 3 stars
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    player unsettled in this area..

    i bought regen player for 36m, and he is unsttled in this area or something i allow him absence for a month and nothing change he is from ivory coast btw what should i do?