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Recent content by kkpiipo

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    FM megapack config file missing

    can we use FM 2011 facepack in FM 2012? if can, does anybody have the config file for the facepack. my config file missing. I use football manager 2011 cut-out megapack 3.0 update pack 3.1.thank you
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    hello guys.. i manage Bayer Leverkusen.. i use the current squad..(season 11/12) i use my own created tactics... this is my squad average attacking value.. is it possible? the time before i manage team Barcelona - well known as attacking master team..but the highest average attacking i got...
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    van der sar replacement

    who is the ideal GK to replace edwin van der sar?(H)
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    apply FM 2011 tactics in FM 2010

    sometimes when i miss FM 2010, i play FM 2010..but i m quite lazy to remake the tactic i used successfully in FM 2011 in FM 2010..but i slightly dissapointed bcos i cant apllied FM 2011 into FM 2010..somebody knows why it happens like that? :wub: