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    crystal palace tactic

    need help i have tried loads of tactics and cant seem to have any consistency, the are the one team i cant seem to find a tactic for that suits and works, any suggestions?
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    i have used many tactics and i cant seem to find one that fits with the players at palace, every other team i have decent success but for some reason i can never string two wins in a row and then lose 4-0 to Huddersfield!!! any suggestions?
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    started with spurs playing ok but feel i should be scoring more using the tactic goals galore, alli is playing poor not even scored a goal after 14 games kane is really low ratings, i just feel iam not getting enough from eriksen alli any other tactics people can suggest?
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    started a new game and i cant seem to find the right tactic for the players i have not scoring at all any help would be great.
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    newcastle second season / hull 1st season

    i need help using tactic 4231 smashed the championship but struggling in premier strikers not scoring tried AF TM Cf for mitrovic , perez and gayle! leaking too many goals anybody have a solid tactic for them? also starting with hull in a new game any ideas which formation is best to use for the...
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    liverpool help

    iam liverpool an just finished 2nd season and finished 5th but i been changing tactics all through the season there dont be a consistant tactic for them i have download various but always win a game then lose or draw its very frustrating pls help if you have had any success with liverpool???