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    80s players

    I have just watched the Howard Kendall documentary. is there an early 80s database
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    Ched Evans

    Does anyone know why Ched Evans isnt on Football Manager 2016. I understand hes been in jail but so has Lee Hughes yet hes still in gane
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    Whats your most expensive transfer

    After the news of Di Maria going Man United for 65m, got me thinking what is your most expensive transfer on FM14. I think mine is 55m for Januzaj
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    Am I being ripped off

    Im Everton in 1st season im looking to buy Erick Torres but Chivas wont budge from 12.75million is he worth an investment or would i be wasting my time
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    need a attacking left winger

    hey im tottenham and ive just sold gareth bale to real madrid for £23mill and need a replacement
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    3D trouble

    Over the last 48 hours my 3D ingame matches have been laggy and jumpy so i checked preferences and ive only got 1/2 a star when im normally running on 3 1/2 to 4 stars i havent installed anything to make my system slower any help or guidence would be quality
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    Midfield General

    ive just been looking at steven gerrard description and it says midfield general this is the 1st time ive seen this is there any other players with this description on the info
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    Best left wing back for Barcelona

    hey im currently trying a save with barca and i need a world class wing back as adriano and abidal are both out for 6 and 9 month adriano has a broken leg and abidal has cruciate ligament damage and i need a replacement money isnt a problem as i sold masherano for £29million to man city and i...
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    Does thomas muller leave Bayern cause ive tried sign him a few times with different clubs ie Man Utd Barcelona Real Madrid Inter Milan and he never wants talk to my club
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    Denis Stracqualursi

    does anyone know if this player is any good
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    Ravel Morrison

    Hi Guys i know he's a **** in the real world but this Man United U18s players gets high reviews as one of the best young players coming through the England Ranks but has anyone ever used him in a 1st Team Premier League. Hes just become a free agent and was wondering is he worth an investment...
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    Just looking for some good players to sign for santos
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    New contract

    Recently I got offered a new contract at bologna but we couldn't reach a agreement that was in may now it's June n they've not tried again and ive only got 3 weeks left on this current deal I deserve it after winning the serie a with them Just wondering have I blew it or will they offers me a...
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    Player wages

    Just been looking on a rival site, and there was an interesting thread and ive searched on here but couldnt find anything like it. The question is who is your highest payed player and what wage they on and what year are you in
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    Average age

    how do i find the average age on my team?