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    HELP - Network slow

    Me and my mate do networks every FM but for some reason we have just tried to do one and it takes ages to load and is really slow! Help?
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    FM Editor help

    Wonder if someone can help me.. I am struggling to get FM Editor to work I made a club and replaced them with another saved it and it is not working when I load the game?
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    Player Attribute Masking

    I have started a game but forgot to tick the box so I do not have masking. Anyway I can change mid game?
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    Subscribing to Tactics on Steam

    I have subscribed to Tactics on Steam but they are not there when I go to my tactics?
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    No under 18s players?

    I have seen this happen a couple of times on my games where I do not have any under 18 players? Any reason behind this or anything I can do?