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    hey guys lookin for a few testers for my db on harchester united b4 i upload to website db will b ready for 2mrw night
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    Harchester United

    Has anyone managed to find a harchester db for fm12 yet?? been lookin for ages
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    Calling all Creative people!!!

    Ok so i need to do something to fill the void before my next shift i need a starting squad and 7 subs, im going to turn leeds into a premiership worthy squad again all players will be removed from current squad. the balance will be slightly increased to cope with wages :) ok so here it is i...
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    Looking for players!!

    i have 10 spaces and im looking for players to put in2 my youth setup at harchester united Name: DOB: / / 1992 (as youth) city of birth: Position: C/A P/A also if you would like to add a photo to your post i will add it to a face pack in the game
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    Help needed

    hey im currently working on uploading my 1st ever custom database how do i do it, i no it sound silly but i dont have a clue iv only ever made dbs for myself but thought id like to share my new one :)
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    manage u21 teams the easy way

    noticed whilst browsing through some other threads people asking about how to manage u21 teams its simple add new manager click on what team you would like to manager view the squad click u21 click take control and there you have it!! im currently england u21s but im sure it also works for...
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    Please can someone help!!!

    Made a custom team and players, all custom logos have loaded on to the game when i reload skin, My problem is the face pack i have created doesnt load up. i have put all of the faces in to the correct folder and have done the config file using graphics Guru and they wont load and also did this...
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    ok finaly getting somewere with deleting all players etc from the database was just wondering if anyone could think of any hidden gems i could put in the game bear in mind its 1974 (lineker in youth team) etc. and still looking for some one to volenteer to do face packs (hint,hint)
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    Please please please

    hey guys could someone please please please create a db for me were all the players staff refs etc have been deleted (all the people) im running a fairly basic laptop and it keeps freezing my system so please :) and as soon as thats done i can get cracking on my 1970 db
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    blank database

    does anyone have or know of a database were all the players are deleted its taking me ages and i have a low end spec machine so keeps freezing
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    1974 database

    Just think it would be a great idea if i made a complete database of english football from 1974 (clough at notts forrest) this may also include some forign legends not to sure yet but english clubs will be manageable. im currently deleting all players on the db atm then going through and...