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    Hello everyone, how are you? I would like your advice to improve my team. Im playing 15.3.2 with SOTON I ended up 8° my first season and 5° the next one. So, i think im doing OK but i want to be able to win the PL. This is my team: FORSTER CLYNE - NACHO - SHAWCROSS -...
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    Work Permit.

    Hello people. I was wandering if it is possible to get a work permit for a player with a lower league team. Because so far, i couldnt get one. I'm in Npower Championship thanks.
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    Choose your favourite teams!

    Hi people, this is my 1st thread =) You have to choose your favourite team`s of the best leagues of the world. example. Spain: Real Madrid England: Manchester City Italy: Nápoli/Inter Germany: Werder Bremen France: Olympique Marseilla Holland: PSV Portugal: Sporting Lisboa