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    whos playing fm during covid lockdown

    loaded up my longterm save tonight got some vodka and redbull in ? anyone else on this vibe
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    fm 2020 demo

    it says its not compatible for my pc on steam wat the ****? is there a way around this?
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    EA Access

    such a brilliant app only 20 gbp for the year i think its amazing and not a streaming app either anyone else got it
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    Man Utd 4-3-2-1 Fergie Football 2008/09

    Here is my new formation for the 23/24 season as 4-2-3-1 was becoming very predictable this is a very solid formation with good attack and defensive solidity unbeaten in the league so far
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    Steam Names

    post yours mine is djnition
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    Screenshot Requests 2022/2023 April 1st Onwards

    make your requests to begin with heres some prosppects turned world class
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    Selling Pogba

    he is currently 30 valued at 79m should i sell him and replace him with this
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    4-2-3-1 Fergie Football

    no cheating no corner exploits just direct attacking football on average 130 goals scoredscored in league and you'll prob concede around 20-40 goals a season
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    ghost town

    what happened to ths forum man it used to be so good..
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    Pogba vs United

    pogba tried to leave when psg flirted i stayed strong & this is result i win yessss have u had a similar experience
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    Alex Telles Assist Machine

    what a bargain signing only 26.5m gbp for him too
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    he is amazing on fm goes missing at times but will fire yu to become a title winner look
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    fm 19 is great

    the movement on 3d realism of wide players var tactics training best fm in history & rashford is a annnnimmmmmmaaaaaaalllll
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    Southampton Giant Killer (Partially Using Wolves Idea)

    making a team with as high reputation as possible in 1st season to set a high tempo to begin i will show my transfers then tactics then my long term goals be prepared for a rollercoaster ride btw my style of play is based on direct football i dont like the tika taka model specifically im a...
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    Regens Certain Roles I Hate Why

    when ever i want a quality regen full back or centre back why are they defensive full back or defensive centre back sigh why? do normal full backs or central defender or ball players not exist like wtf lol