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  • Hey mate. Ive had such a busy few weeks recently, and I havent been able to get time to do any editing :( Hopefully over the next few weeks I should get some time though :)
    I extended all of the leagues, and added the ones not on the game. Such as Argentina Level 6 ect.
    Thanks. I made a South American Megapack of leagues, and for some countries the dates weren't there. But I made the megapack anyway and its at a Beta stage :)
    hey i just made cro-facepack for 92/93 dabate... take a look, I think it woud be better in other desing
    LIKE THIS then in cut-out, what do you say?
    hey man! i'm working on a swedish FM website and we are looking for more things for our members to download. And I was wondering if we can use your legend database? that would be awesome! I will (of course) mention your name and put in your e-mail if ou want that to!
    really strange mate not heard of that complaint before so cant help you sorry :(
    and when you finished that database let me know should be pretty good actually lpool might be abit better LOL ;)
    What date are you at.?
    at june 26th i think all the fixtures are released and it updates the game so you are in the premier league then july 1st the transfer window opens... also you have to arrange the friendlies and if you get your assistant to arrange them he will get 4 or 5 for ya :)

    Some players if you gonna make an update to the ledgends database.

    Eric Cantona - Man Utd
    Patrik Andersson - Malmö FF
    Jonas Thern - Malmö FF
    Stefan Rehn - Djurgårdens IF
    Kennet Andersson - IFK Göteborg

    On your legends db Chelsea are missing the following players.


    Ray Wilkins - DMC/MC, played over 80 games for England, surprised to see he isn't on there.
    Carlo Cudicini - GK, shoudln't be too hard as hes on the game already, just increase some stats, make him younger, and move him to chelsea.
    Pat Nevin - Winger - Played in the worst era of Chelsea, so his absence is understandable, but he was still a club legend.
    Peter Osgood - AMC/FC - Ok well hes on there, but as Chelsea's second best player ever he needs enourmous improvement.

    Here are some other faults

    Ages - I think players should be at the age they were when they were at the club, for example, if you want 19 year old Jimmy Greaves he should be at Chelsea

    Positions - I've only really looked at Chelsea but a couple of positions are wrong. Petrescu played on the right, Cooke could play on either wing or in the middle. As far as I know Zola never played on the right wing at Chelsea.
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