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Recent content by MarkStedman

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    Arsenal third season

    Hi guys, i believe my team team is very close to being complete, but rest of my squad is just lacking quality to provide decent enough competition. My GK, midfield and attack i dont wanna change as its my favourite players but the rest can definetly use an upgrade. I have a small squad and like...
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    Jaunmi - How good does he get?

    Seems to be no posts on the guy in my search and have been offered him for 7 million. Looks a really good prospect but the lack of posts about him has put me off. Malaga have a lot of money to throw around so im guessing he struggles for playing time and can be picked up cheap on most saves...
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    Gokhan Tore and Draxler

    Has anyone managed this kid and if possible could anyone link a future screen shot of him. Also has anyone managed Draxler and have a future shot of him too.
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    Ribery + Robben

    Jan 2013 and both have spent more time on injury table than on the pitch. Looking for replacements with same sort of style minus the crappy injury problems. Hazard has just moved club so he isnt an option and gotze would never move to Bayern.
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    Able to get real German team into old save?

    As the title says i have a Bayern save and have just sorted out german national team but can i make it do that in this save and not just new games?
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    Coutinho - Always a free transfer?

    First time he has stumbled into my lap at the start of the second season as a free agent. Is he always available on a free and does he get as good as his wonderkid status suggests he will?
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    Bayern challenge

    Normally more of a relegation/mid table player but decided after watching tonights awesome champions league game how impressed i was with the amount of german quality in the Bayern team. Basically want to make the whole squad german and am looking for some young quality players that might be...