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Recent content by maxcass

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    Arsenal - Summer 2015

    Hello, I've been doing pretty well with my Arsenal team, but have let a few players go this summer. This is my team, i have around 16m to spend on players, any recommendations? My squad is quite small so will need some class players, as well as a few cheaper subs! Cheers!
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    Newly Promoted Coventry City

    Hi guys, I've just got promoted to the Premier League with my beloved Coventry. I've got 10 million to spend, any suggestions on players? I suppose a few 2-3 million players would be the best option? cheers!
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    2nd Season Newly promoted

    Hi there, I'm playing as Coventry City, and have just been promoted to the Premiership, I came 5th in the Championship but I won the play offs, just!! Are there any players you would consider that I should buy/loan for my first season in the Prem, to try and stay up for be mid-table? I'm...
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    Loan Players

    Anyone know any good loan signings that would come to Championship teams?
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    Coventry City

    Hey guys, restarted a game because I could! I'm Coventry City, it is nearing the end of September and I am 1st in the Championship! My team is as follows: GK: Kieran Westwood DR: David Cowan DL: Ruben Palazuelos DC: Pele DC: Ben Turner AMR: David Bell AML: Michael McIndoe MC: Gavin McCann MC...
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    Need a general bit of help with CCFC

    Hi, I haven't put in any screenshots because I dont know how to, sorry!! I'm playing as Coventry, I'm in my second season, won the championship and league cup in the first season, I've literally just played one game in my start to the premiership. I currently play 4-4-2, with two MC's and two...