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    YO, managing newcastle, finished 6th in my first season but had daniel struddrige on loan who scored 25 goals for me, i have had bids accepted for him but he wont discuss a contract! i need a striker with 20+ goals a season i have 10mil to spend!!
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    trouble with loading all players into game??

    hi, im struggling to find players which should be on the game but arent?? i have just selected the england league as playable, however i have around 20 others as view only?? i have the data base on large but says theres all 4000 players in the game, why is this am sure its different to fm11
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    hi i want to download the facepack for FM12, is there a pack where i can get everything in one download or do i have to download each league or club on there own? thanks:D
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    Highest fee offered for one of your players??

    just wondered what everyone had been offered as barcelona just offered me 78million for Neymar in the 5th season on my arsenal save. rejected of course
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    Starting a Newcastle save!

    Gunna start a Newcastle save, any ideas on who to sign. obv need a striker and a RB
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    PA and CA how do you find out?

    was wondering how people know what a players PA is and what there CA is? where does it tell you:O
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    Goalkeeper needed for Arsenal

    I'm in my 3rd season with Arsenal and still szczensy in goal because dont wanna pay 25mil+ for anikfeev,neuer and alder etc and de gea wont come! any suggestions?