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    If I pre-ordered the game now would I instantly get the beta code?

    Title says it all, just a quick question. Thanks.
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    This Laptop great for FM?

    Processor: Intel Core i7...
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    New Game, New Laptop. Advice needed

    Hi lads, i'm sure someone is a computer wizkid out there so could anyone tell me if this laptop would play FM Match engine brilliantly? I want to maximise FM and play 3d the best possible. TOSHIBA Satellite P850-138 15.6" Laptop Supposed to have good graphics card etc so I'm just checking...
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    Could someone help me?

    Hi, could someone who's good at facepacks make me the Bristol City cut out facepack as i've downloaded a megapack and they aren't updated images and I want the ones I had on the demo :( Link is here Bristol City | Team | Profiles | David James for all the images. Would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hey, is there a facepack megapack for 2012 like there was for 2011? Also is there a mega kit pack? Thanks.
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    As nobody is replying to the laptop/desktop thread Would this laptop be great for FM 2012 in 3D engine? HP Pavilion dv6-6176sa 15.6" Laptop - Steel Grey at cheap prices | PC World Thanks.
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    Kit Issues

    I have downloaded some kit packs and the majority of them are working. Burnley and Wolves dont work even though i've tried the 2009" method but still no luck. Any ideas? Also i've downloaded 2d kits for Serie A but they dont show, it still shows the default kits so how do i swap them around...