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    Andre Dozzell

    Anybody had any luck with this lad? I think he is the current u19 captain for England. Looks like he could have some potential. It appears Ipswich have some quality in their youth ranks this year. :)
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    Football Manager 2015 Wonderkids spreadsheet

    I have put together a spreadsheet of the wonderkids for Football Manager 2015 and the PA ranges are from 150 to -10. I hope this helps someone out. :)
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    Quickest hat-trick?

    As the title suggests, just wondering what everyone's is. I managed a 4 minute one earlier myself:
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    Martin Ødegaard

    I've heard that this wonderkid is in the database but obviously not in the game at the start due to his age. Anybody seen him in the database yet and if so when? I'm assuming it will be after December seeing as that is when he turns 16.
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    Pre-order FM 2015 - £19.94

    I see CDKeys are doing pre-order of FM 2015 for £19.94 (£20.99 but like their facebook page for a 5% code off), any idea if this is a good price for it?
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    Football Manager 2014 Staff Requirements

    I posted this last year for Football Manager 2013 but the principles are the same as far as I am aware. I thought I would put this together again for this years Football Manager and hopefully it will help out anyone that needs it. The best thing to suggest is to do a staff search and filter...
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    PS4 or Xbox One?

    Anyone here planning to get a next gen console and if so which one do you favour?
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    Pre-order FM14

    Hi all, long time since I posted on here and therefore not sure where to post this. Basically, I am looking to pre-order FM14 as Simply Games are doing the steam code for £15.99. Do you think this is a good price or is it worth holding off for something better...
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    Messi and the ballon d'or

    Is it just me or does Messi always win the ballon d'or every season on fm 2013?
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    Squad numbers

    I was wondering does anyone else have a particular way of assigning their squad numbers? First choice goalie is always number 1, your main striker always gets number 9, etc.
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    Ravel Morrison

    I have never seen a player constantly get fined on any version of fm like this guy. I know he has a bad reputation but to be constantly docked wages, how they **** is he earning any kind of living lol Anybody else noticing it with this player?
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    Irish league not available?

    Decided to start myself a new save and I noticed this: Just wondering if anyone else has this problem. When you hover over the warning symbol, it states that 'a minimum of 12 teams are required for next years Airtricity First Division, 8 found'. Bare in mind I haven't touched the database and...
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    Players learning languages

    I am into my 6th season on my Newcastle save and Ademilson has just been given British citizenship, yet the guy after all this time, still only speaks basic English. Now I know there are certain elements that contribute towards this but to me it appears to be more of a frequent thing in fm 2013...
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    Quickest Hat-trick on FM2013

    Definately the fastest I have managed on any fm:
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    Football Manager 2013 Staff Requirements

    Considering fm now has more staff roles than previous versions, I thought I would put together some information to help people out when looking for staff. :) The best thing to suggest is to do a staff search and filter for the relevant criteria, that way you can see who is willing to join you...