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  • Hey mate - I hope you don't mind that I quoted you in my newest thread Plug & Play Freedom
    I know this is still FM13, but it seems their is a fair interest in that game still. The above thread is my newest tactic - however I'm trying my best to start up a conversation or atleast clarify in one place what the different sliders effect in the 3D Match Engine.

    I just wanna say you are welcome to give your opinion any day on the slider subjects - its alway interesting to hear what other people has to say about these things. I went over to the sigames forum and invited some people to my thread as well who have had some formerly interesting assumptions on the sliders, so we'll see if they wanna join in.

    Cheers pal
    Edited your post slightly, linking in that format to fm-base hosted pages gives some people (including me!) an invalid token error.
    The administratos are in charge. Just notice that it will not go any quicker if sending them pms as there are always reasons why they are yet to approve the uploads ( such as being away for the weekend, watching football etc)
    Sorry it didn't pan out the way you expected, but 1. There's been so many variants of that type of thread that seeing any more just aggravates me. 2. Who really cares if people think it's realistic or not? Most of the people providing their input on this forum have double digit IQ levels so it's probably best that you do without their opinion. 3. It would have just had some people moan at you for cheating which I couldn't be bothered with.

    But you do raise an interesting idea for a thread for the FM12 board.
    Well, in the first season you have virtually nothing so it can be a bit of a challenge in the first season. After that you should get decent budgets though. About 13M in the second season if I remember correctly.
    Yeah, no kidding about Les Miles. Well, you're right. LSU isn't the national power it was 3 or 4 years ago. Honestly, I think you guys have a could chance. Like I said, if you can get past LSU and get past Pitt you should be golden.

    Haha, man. I don't know that we could take WVU. We couldn't handle Air Force or Florida State. And we barely beat Washington, who turned out to be pretty mediocre.

    That's the thing that worries me about going independent. In the Mountain West, we have a conference championship, if nothing else, to play for. But as and independent, it's all or nothing. We've gone 10-2 for the last 3 or 4 seasons but with the way we've started this year, I'll be very surprised if we win 8 games because at this point that means we have beat Nevada, TCU or Utah.
    So, the Mountaineers are 3-0 and they're easily the best team in the Big East. But, how do you like their chances against LSU? Because, besides Pitt who always has a chance to pull an upset, LSU really seems like their last really tough game.
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