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    JP Woodys Anti Football Tactic looking for it. Help needed.

    Hey guys i dont know if anybody still reads this really old FM2011 forum but i cant allways try right? It is my mission to win the CL with GoAhead Eagles from the Netherlands i read alot of good things about JP Woodys Anti Football tactic but i cannot find the file anywhere. Does anybody maybe...
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    FM2013 way too easy.

    Hey Guys. I have been playing FM since CM97/98 and right now im playing FM2013. This is the first time i think its so easy its not realistic anymore. I have been playing with Tonbridge and now play in the Premiership. What bugs me the most is that while i was climbing up trough the divisions i...
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    Ghost Tactic FM2011

    Hey guys and girls, I have just started playing FM2011 and i read that Ghosts tactic is one of the best tactics for FM2011. Does anybody still have this tactic somewhere? Because i cannot find it. Or can someone post a link to a place where i can download it? Thanks